• Ethiopia Chelchele Filter
  • Ethiopia Chelchele Filter

    Ethiopia Chelchele Filter

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    Chelchele is back! The Chelchele washing station is in the kebele, or village, in the
    Yirgacheffe region. Chelchele coffees tend to have a nice backbone of sweetness from
    toffee and/or soft nuts like almond, with a floral and citrus overtone. This year Chelchele is
    bringing a delicious fresh apple blossom, apricot, mild acidity and a sweet finish. Enjoy
    black or over ice.
    Suitable for Aeropress, Drip Filter and Plunger
    Origin: Ethiopia
    Region: Yirgacheffe
    Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties
    Process: washed
    Altitude: 1900-2400 masl
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