We are stoked to have this super fun and limited coffee in our offering, this is a gem! Produced by Luis Paulo continuing with the family business that has big focus not just on quality but also sustainability and our responsibility toward the environment, “producing a sustainable coffee and having renewability in mind is a vital part for any coffee grower, both nowadays and in the future. We must have the responsibility of producing with quality and on a consistent basis, and protecting the environment that surrounds us, as well as the society that we live in”. Niquinho Farm delivers not only a complex clean cup but also a beautiful ethos we can definitely get behind. Get into it while you can! Enjoy black or with a dash of milk.
Suitable for Aeropress, Drip Filter and Plunger
Origin: Brazil
Region: Mantiqueria de Minas
Varietals: Yellow and Red Bourbon, Catuai
Process: Natural Levian Fermentation
Altitude: 1100 - 1300 masl
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