Autumn is here, as unexpectedly as ever! To help with the transition this year we have a lovely trifecta of coffees bringing a smooth easy drinking cup of Joe. Sumatra, Ethiopia and Colombia combine to create a rich layered and lingering cup, perfect for some colder days. Creamy, sweet vibes throughout, juicy and light on the finish. Enjoy black or with a dash of milk.

Suitable for Pour over, Aeropress, Batch brewer and Plunger
Origin: Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia
Region: Aceh, Oromia, Guji, Huila
Varietals: Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, Timor, Pink Bourbon, Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1550 masl, 2200 -2250 masl, 1850-1880 masl