The Gitesi Project is a charitable initiative that places dairy cows into farming households in Rwanda. Started by Tim Williams (owner, Bureaux Coffee), in partnership with Aime Gahizi (owner, Gitesi Coffee Washing Station) the project has been running since 2015.

To date, over AU$60,000 has been raised to provide more than 75 families with a cow, a cowshed, and access to veterinary services. Since launching, the program has expanded to also provide health insurance for 100 of the community’s poorest farmers each year.

Tim and Aime’s goal in setting up the Gitesi Project is to help provide better financial stability and health outcomes for coffee-farming households in Karongi, Rwanda.

For more information or to get involved visit gitesiproject.org

This is a cracking coffee full of sweet notes of almond, caramel and rum & raisin chocolate. A long sweet brown sugar finish complements the balanced acidity and body. Enjoy this great coffee that's giving back!
Suitable for Plunger, Stovetop and Espresso

Origin Rwanda
Region Karongi
Varietal Bourbon
Process Fully Washed
Altitude 1732masl
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