Kenya Kainamui Filter
Kenya Kainamui Filter Kenya Kainamui Filter
As a roaster, one of the most exciting times of the year is when new season Kenyan coffees land on our shores. Praised for their unique flavour profile and bright acidity, Kenyan coffees are highly sort-after and always enjoyed!
Kainamui is complex with big notes of Cola and Blackcurrant and sparkling acidity. Best brewed through a V60, Aeropress or Moccamaster to truly bring out the defined, sweet, clean notes that are inherent to this coffee. It's a special one, enjoy it!
Suitable for Aeropress, Paper Filter and Plunger
Origin Kenya
Region Kirinyaga 
Varietal SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Process Fully Washed
Altitude 1750+masl
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